Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who runs Frame/Lab25?

A: Frame is built and run by Paul (@paulaik), Armin (@arminsolecki) and Grant (of Poolside.FM fame, @grant_mac) in Glasgow, Scotland. We like building things.

Q: What are the terms and conditions for using the service?

A: All images on Frame have been marked by their author as free for commercial use unless otherwise stated. Any licenses information we have on an image is displayed in the "Scene Info" box alongiside the scene when you select it.

Q: How do I request one of my images used to create scenes be taken down?

A: No worries! Just get in touch with us via the Contact Form and we'll take the scene down as soon as possible.

Q: Wouldn't it be cool if Frame could... ?

A: Yes! We love feedback and ideas for new features, let us know about it via Twitter (@FrameByLab25) or via the Contact Form.

Q: How are you planning to fund Frame's development?

A: Our aim is to keep Frame free for general use. We're looking into the possibility of adding additional features for those users who are looking for a little extra, but there's no immediate plans to start charging for the service.

Made by @paulaik with help from the awesome @ArminSolecki